Caren + Matt Wedding Elopement & Holidays | Queensland, Australia

This gonna be a long photos stories post, be warned! Back in 2017, Caren call to ask if Hui Hui & I be able to join them in Cairns for holidays and for something else which is "To photograph Matt & Her wedding elopement somewhere in Queensland and Hui Hui & I will also be the witness together with Lowan and Marli". I promised to keep this a secret and not even Caren's Mum know about it.

I still vividly remember the day Hui Hui & I met Caren back in 2007. Its was a trip to Sematan Town. back then,  Olympus compact camera was my only digital camera and Caren just pass me her Canon 400D for me to photograph picture with. After that outing, I think we hangout mostly on every weekend for rock climbing at batman wall, kayaking, waterfall hike, surfing and beaches. A long the way, I slowly taking photography seriously and  remember I told Caren that I will photograph her wedding as a wedding gift. Our flight were booked and paid for by Matt & Caren.

We went a few days ahead and have an overnight rest stop at Gold Coast. After short visit to Tugun beach, we headed back to our airbnb host place and hit the sack. Early the next morning, our awesome host drop us at airport to catch our flight to Cairns where Matt & Caren will be picking us up at airport as they drove from Townsville. From airport, we directly went to meet their wedding celebrant and afterward stock up some food then headed to our stay at Honeybee House in Speewah, Kuranda which is about 1 hour drive from Cairns. This is were the wedding elopement held :) We spend time together checking out the Kuranda town, nearby market, platypus watching, sipping wine, coffee and tea, and drove all the way to Port Douglas. Fun time and great memories with them.