Rock On 4

2013 Rock On... 4 fall on 24th to 26th May. Andy (picture above: Red pointed newly bolted climb)  has make a come back to climb here in every Rock On event yearly if I'm not mistaken. Few weeks before the event taking place. I did a little asking around in fb to find out if participant from previous year making a plan to attend Rock On 4, few did and glad to meet them up at the wall.

We departing from Kuching right before noon, reaching Batman Wall we were greeted by familiar face. It has been a while since the last trip here at the Wall. Let alone photographing climbers climbing. With intel from Alex of Andy where about, we headed to the wall left to the batman wall (yes, there are new wall been cleaned and bolted namely tiger wall, orchid wall).
Found Andy climbing and belayed by Eunice. We waited as Andy said he want to try red point the newly bolted climb at the tiger wall. He nailed it of cause.. Not sure what the name he will give to that climb but sure he did some cleaning before the climb and also clean his climbing shoes at the mid resting point.

We head back to Batman Wall after packing and meet up with Beverly, Bo Roy and friends whom are from Kota Kinabalu. I think its a 3rd time here for few of them. Rock on is not just about climbing.. its getting to know each other, making friends and outing for family members as well.

Here I would like to share few images I photographed spending my few hours there at the wall.

Above: Andy wipe clean his climbing shoes while resting 1 handed.

Above: The short trail getting to tiger wall just amazing..

Above: Picking up the hand glove which been used to clean up the hand hold at the start of the climb.
Above: Andy showing his dirty shoes and tower after just 1 climb.

Above: Beverly been hoist up to the climbing point, this the reason why its call batman wall.

Above: Beverly at the start of Rodeo route.

Above: I walks around and found this little opening between the main wall and tufa.

Above: She did the easy start for the chimney. Many said that the real starting climb of the chimney is the crux. If start correctly, its really breathtaking to photograph.

Above: a young climbers almost making to the top of "999". Next to it, a female climber finding ways to get around the Chimney.

Above: The Batman Wall.