Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) 2012. Workshop, Day 2 Part I.

RWMF 2012 Ticket

Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF)2012
are back! This annual festival were held at Sarawak Cultural Village which were situated right at the foot hill of Mt. Santubong. For more information about this yearly event, do click the text link as I think its the best source of information... Bare in mind, this blog post will have a lots of photos that I have to split into 2 part!

HoHey..... Hui Hui & I were discussing to attend this festival or not few weeks before the event date. Then one day, Michael of Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) message me in facebook informing that my blog post of 2011 Sarawak Regatta and picture were features in STB's event page. He asked for my number and called me soon after... so, this is how I get my ticket to RWMF2012. I only ask for 2 ticket (for Hui Hui & I). Maybe I could have get a photographer/media pass but my motive are to go and relax as well as enjoy!

So, we headed up to SCV right after lunch and as cars without stickers are prohibited from going beyond Damai Golf  Country Club to avoid flow of traffics, we have to park at Damai Golf & Country Club's road side. Then we took a shuttle bus from there to get to SCV and that cost RM5/person. If you prefer not to drive, you can always take a shuttle bus from Kuching.

We attended workshop, its my first time attending the workshop as its my first time reaching SCV so early to attend the festival. Workshop are awesome! You get interactions! venue were great as its fit the themes! Foot and drink are plenty! Rubbish bin, lots! maybe only need to be environmental friendly so its not that obvious of eye sores to see in the pictures. We had fun and meeting peoples!!! Seeing people having fun and capturing few of them just awesome! I do wish they can view this pics and I do hope you will like the pics I share here as how I see this festival.
Lots of people parked here.
Toward SCV's entrancer
More sign... when was this put up? like it...
Again, this is my tickets.
Souvenir store, Mt. Santubong in the background.
Seeing a familiar face :)
Just love how that shoes were randomly place there.
Regular at H.O.F Cafe
Plank walkway toward Jungle stage.
First Aid & Workshop area (Iban Longhouse)
Door-way toward the ground...
Both of them from Philippines. I happened to be there so I help them take a pic with their camera then with mine.
Jungle stage.
Iban longhouse where the workshop held.
Penan Hut
Visiting Penan's house.
Penan House. I never see one so no idea how its really look like.
Weird to see her at Penan's house.
Just like the wooden wall :)
Just love the background. Penan house.
A group seem charting at...
Sape.. he play it well.. awesome..
Good music!
Cindy, she has media pass to cover the event.
Workshop at Dewan Lagenda.
Hand move, legs move....
Let move it move it...
Workshop attendees..
Everyone putting their best...
Attendees up at the stage...
She having fun for sure..
She won a T-shirt from The Diplomats.
Let jam and dance...
Back at Iban Longhouse, another workshop were held.
Attendee fill the room ans spilled till the veranda.
Workshop at Iban Longhouse.
Workshop at Iban longhouse.
Workshop at Iban Long house.
Outside Iban Longhouse.
Candid moment...
err... nice tattoo i would said.
Workshop at Iban Long House.
Workshop at Iban Long house.
Kuih Cap.. Nice one..
Kuih Jala, 1 of my favorite.
Sewing... arts...
Heineken lounge?
There are no excuses...
At the Chinese's farm house.
Mt. Santubong by the SCV's lake.
RWMF 2012 show schedule.
At the Jungle Stage.. just for a pic as its still early.
We back to Dewan Lagenda for the workshop again. Meet this guy with his banner.
Kwaw-Kwasa Dance by Kanda Bongo Man.
Interesting people I meet at the workshop. Found out this is not the first time she come here. Welcome to Sarawak!
Having fun moving the hips... Kwasa-Kwasa!!!
That sign again! I tap his shoulder and ask him to turn for just a few second and he did... Thanks...hope you get to see this pics...
Show your hand and move it....
Really adorable child...
er... not the time for that yet...
This workshop moved the crowd.. I did move bit..
Group shot of them, from UK.
Let dance...
Party Animal! Cool people from all over!
She's high! totally into it..
Good to see people enjoy good music...
Candid! Its a sign of good fun time..
So, I ask if its ok to take a portrait of her. This is the only snap.
While looking for Hui Hui, saw this guys dancing. Kind of like in his on world intoxicated by Kanda Bongo Man.
Thaat legs just dance awesomely.
She a member of Kanda Bongo Man.
Kanda Bongo Man.
Kanda Bongo Man with fans.
Hui Hui with Kanda Bongo Man's group members.
Another familiar face...
Heineken all over at the food garden.
Nice place to chill and relax before the show start...

This is the part I of RWMF 2012 Day 2, Part II will be posted up really soon and will be the main show. Hope that you will enjoy and feel the energy and spirit of the festival from the photo... Sorry that I didn't snap a pics of the food stall or the food that we ordered...

Do view RWMF 2012 Day 2 Part II post for the images of the Main Performance at Jungle stage and also Tree Stage.