Kowloon Night Scene, Hong Kong, Day 3 Part III

Panoramic view of Kowloon at Night.

From Jordan, we were on foot to Avenue of Stars or rather between Avenue of Stars and the Star Ferry Pier where there is a viewing platform at Tsim Tsa Tsui. Despite the long walk, we make it and view were just awesome! Mind the weather, its somehow just make this experience worthwhile and unique...

As we get there rather late, the light show were long gone! Still all the building were still lite in Neon Lights... Share with you here a few pictures which I took there... only a few pics thought... Hope you will like it... we head back to hotel at around 12am where the security guard informing visitors that the viewing platform will be closed soon.

Really Cloudy and its rains awhile.

Star Ferry passing by.

Neon Light! Helicopter lift off on top of the building and Star Ferry pass by... That what create the light trail.


Self- Portrait
This tallest building seem disappear into the clouds.


Samsung building.

Convention Centre

HSBC & Standard Chartered Building ,HK.

Aqualuna, Sailing across the straits..

Aqualuna, Sailing across the straits..Seem this boat on American Next Top Model cycle 18.

Samsung & Aqualuna!

A Levitation... bad one..

Before leaving the viewing platform...

Stop by this place on the way back to Hotel.

Look great at night!

Shanghai Tang! Seem this movie before...
This is the end of day 3! Will post up pictures from Day 4 which we visited Ocean Park soon... Do stay tuned...