E-Session | Susan + Sie Wei | Cove 55

Susan & Sie Wei first met each other few years back at their friend wedding day in Kuching. They never met or know each other before that. Susan were the bridesmaid & Sie Wei were the groomsmen, they exchange number and love just grow from there onward.

Wedding | Gabriel + Vivian | Kuching

"We Knew each other in form three in a Red Crescent group. I'm from St. Theresa and He is from St. Joseph and we're just separated just be a bridge. We met each other there for the first time and I find him like a nice person, so we get to be friend.. and that where everything started. He Always been a nice guy, always very sporty, always listen and a very stable person."

Wedding | Boon Siang + Madeline | Kuching

Back in December 2015, Boon Siang & Madeline celebrated their wedding day with families & friends here in Kuching. Had they wedding vows at St. Peter Church and Reception Party at Boulevard Hotel Ball Room.  

Wedding | Adrian + Jessica | Kuching

Both Adrian & Jessica are teacher and their wedding day was back in December 2015 (long long overdue posting). Looking back at the photos from their wedding day somehow put a big smile on my face.

Wedding | Alex + Nicole | Kuching

First met Alex and Nicole while photographing Danny & Adeline wedding day few years back. Its great to meet familiar faces on their wedding day.

Wedding | Chen + Hui | Kuching

Nai Chen & Qing Hui wedding celebration in Kuching were fills with fun, joy & lots of hugs. Friend and relative from far and wide gathered to celebrates and its a joy to be part of the team.

Wedding | Hui Ying + Jonathan | Kuching

Hui Ying & Jonathan were classmate in primary school, they lost contact after she move to another school. During high school, Jonathan had his birthday party at home and she was at the party...

Wedding | Ashley & Winnie | Kuching

"The first time I saw her, I knew she's the one" said Ashley. Their wedding day in Kuching seriously would rank among the top 3 wedding celebration we photographed in year 2015. The raw joys, emotions, connections & togetherness are so strong. Congrats to both Ashley & Winnie! I really a blessed photographing your wedding celebration.

Wedding | Marcel + Linda | Kuching

"The first time I met Linda was during a gathering in Singapore where Linda's friend happened to be Marcel cousin." Marcel took the last flight to Kuala Lumpur on Friday night to meet Linda on the weekend. Once opportunity to work in Singapore arise, she grab that and move to Singapore to be closer with Marcel. That sum up how much sacrifice they did for each other to be together :) 

E-Session | Nick + Diana | Kuching

Nick & Diana story started way back during their high school year. They're not from the same school, so "same class" were totally out of the question. "Same tuition class?" that was out too.... It was actually where Diana & friends were waiting for Bus at Post Office's bus stop that she notice him (cute, handsome guy in school uniform she said) as there's still that old row of shop-house around. So, Diana & friends had giving him a name "7230", the car plate number Nick always go home in...

Wedding | Jason + Abbie | Kuching

Jason dropped me a message early last year back in 2015 and told me about his wedding day plans in Kuching. Met both Jason & Abbie months before their wedding day, hearing some of the details kind of excite me, 

Wedding | Ian & Carol | Kuching

Met Ian & Carol at their friend's wedding reception party and asked if am free on a date in September. Love how this simple wedding unfold with so much love... They both get ready at the same house yet, groom's didn't even step into the room where she get ready the whole time while she get ready. Then Groom & groomsmen are chase out or voluntarily went outside of the gate for gate crush games.