Wedding | Jorge & Patricia | Kuching

"Its a LOVE at first sight! That was years ago during high school. I didn't ask her to be my girlfriend that time because we both committed with our studies. After high school we both went to different University and kept in touch and soon after graduation I make a move" That what Jorge told me when we first met before I asked about their wedding.

Wedding | Darren & Esien | Kuching

Photographed Darren & Esien Pre-Wed in Krabi mid June which we had a great time even its a rainning season there. Their had arranged to have a bride side wedding dinner reception at Hilton Kuching a day before their actual wedding day which I couldn't cover.

E-Session | Phillip & Vie | Kuching

Vie were from Miri while Phillip's from Kuching. Listening to Phillip on how they started giving a deep feeling of how strongly they both connected. Congrats to them both! 

Wedding | Khang & Ting | Kuching

Khang & Ting live so near to each other, the distance is only a street away. They studying in the same university... Love how this simple wedding unfold and so much fun to photograph. 

E-Session | Darren & Esien | Krabi & Kuching

Early June, we boarded a plane heading to Krabi for a leisure trip as well as photographing Darren & Esien engagement session there.  Lining up for landing, raining clouds were thick seeing from the windows. Well, we thought its only for a while. Got to the counter and getting out Thailand's sim-card, the lady said its raining season now. We didn't even check the weather.

Wedding | Jacqueline & Raymond | Kuching

"She visited his hometown with friends for a short holiday trip and then blog about she experiences of the visit with photos. He saw & read her posting and then he drop her a message"....That Raymond & Jacqueline love story.. Just a bit of it :)

It was a blast photographing their wedding day, friends & relatives flew in to Kuching to celebrate their wedding day. Here are few of my favorite photos from their wedding day. Filtering wasn't easy as lots of photos to choose from. 

Wedding | Anna & Daniel | Kuching

Anna & Daniel | Hearing how their both get to know each other through church activities just awesomely amazing. Families & friends from far & wide and from Kuching were there to celebrates with them.

Main Photographer : SK Jong
Second Photographer : Gideon Leong
Videographer : The Filmmakers Co.
MUA : Mui Ling
Church : St. Thomas

Post Wedding | Clara & Daniel | Kuching

Months back, Clara & Daniel had their wedding day celebration in Kuala Lumpur. As time constrain, we planned for post wedding session done in Kuching instead and in casual outfit.

Headed to Kpg. Santubong, we were seriously hoping that the weather just held up for us and luckily it did. Bit of rains doesn't hurt :) Its a fun day and friendly villagers :)

E-Session | Daniel & Anna | Kuching

Anna & Daniel both working in Kuala Lumpur and decided to come back to have their outdoor engagement session done at downtown Kuching. Its really was casual and fun day. Can't wait to share images from their wedding day celebration.

Main Photographer : SK Jong
Assistant Photographer : Gideon Leong
MUA : Mei Ling

Wedding | Sheng Chiao & Kui Yin | Kuching

SC & KY, they are meant for each other. Speeches from maid of honor & best man said it all. Here are few of my favorites images from SC & KY wedding day. Its really a fun day :)

Main Photographer : SK Jong
Second Photographer : Gideon Leong
MUA : Joanne Tang
Reception Venue & Food : Pullman Hotel Ballroom.
Deco : Elaine Ang

Wedding | Han Chee & Chen Chin | Kuching

Han Chee & Chen Chin met each other in university. I remembered when I was in Bali to attend Fearless Photographers Conference, Chen Chin hired me to photographs their wedding day.

Their best friends (uni course-mate) from West Malaysia & all over come to Kuching to join their wedding day celebration. Not forgotten their families from afar as well come to join the celebration. Its one that I really have lots of fun photographing. Biggest group of bridesmaid & groomsmen I ever shoots so far.

Wedding | Vianna & Bryan | Kuching

Bryan & Vianna relationship started since they both are in high school, then both went to separate university for their studies and Bryan stay another few years working abroad. Know that from Bryan, I knew they will be having a great time on wedding day.

Jewelry | Left & Right Artisan Handcraft

Left & Right Artisan Handcraft | Listening to Eileen's story of her hand crafted piece particularly the dragonfly has got me all excited. Main reason behind this was that Eileen & Fabian wanted to make a handbook/look-book which she will present to the judge at "The Young Entrepreneur Competition" which just around the corner before this session was done.

Wedding | Abby & Matthias | Kuching

Matthias & Abby first met each other while studying at UNIMAS. That was years back and their relationship grows and finally tied the knot. That another moment in their life as couple. Bravo to Abby & Matthias who also an animal lovers especially dogs :) Thanks for introducing Zoe & Uno to Hui Hui & I.