Aileen & Leron E-Session at Borneo Highland Resort.

My first impression after meeting Leron & Aileen is that I know we will be having an awesome & fun photo session. Casper asked me to tag along for Aileen & Leron Pre wedding shoot which will be at Borneo Highland Resort, how can I pass on this opportunity right?

To be frank, I never went up to Borneo Highland and can't imagine how the scenery gonna look like. Can only imagine from the images I found on the net of the place. Do check out the place but for now let get back to Aileen & Leron photo shoot. We had so much fun

Monica & Bernard E-Session

A few day before Monica & Bernard E-Session date, Casper told me to tag along and also to suggest place for the photo shoot. I only meet up with Monica & Bernard on the night before the session. We agreed to shoot at Santubong/Damai area where the mountain and beach is. That will be hot! since we are starting early till evening to catch the sunset at DamaiCentral...