Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Permai Rainforest Resort & Sunset at Pantai Puteri, Kpg Santubong.

"We're heading to Damai Central & Permai, coming?" Billy sms me. We are going of cause as haven't meet up with Billy, Scott, Heather , Eddie, Richie & Casper for awhile since Thanksgiving day. After filling our stoamch, we head to Permai Rainforest Resort which is further in  down the road.

Weather look promising, nice and not too hot! We decided to chill and have some beer at the resort cafeteria. There, rains come and go and soon its time for sunset (hopefully). As it cloudy, chances of seeing great sunset just really slim. On the we back to town, we stopping by at Pantai Puteri at Kampung Santubong hope to see and photograph the sunset. Lucky break for us! yaye... its last only few minutes..

Below are some photo from our trip back on the weekend of New Year Eve (2012 eve).

Entering Permai
Nice plank walks.
Wild Pandan.
Cafeteria at Permai
Weather look great..
Cold Beer. Yaye..
Sunny, rains & Umbrella!
Decided to snap some portrait of Richie.
Ray of light or light hitting the spray from the wave. With 50mm and f8.0
Light hitting on the spray from the wave! with sigma 70-200mm at f5.6
Monitor Lizard.
Off we go to Pantai Puteri at Kampung Santubong.
This is what its look like once we get here.
Long shutter reflection.
Group shot. my left hand holding the flash.
Group shot. Camera and flash on the small rock.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Paddy Field at Kampung Skuduk and Chupak

This hut provide the much needed shade.

1st Jan 2012, staying at home seem "un-productive". Having abundant sunrise shooting at buntal in the morning after woke up then sleep through it, I just need to go somewhere for a drive and walks.

So, might just go to Kampung Skuduk and Kampung Chupak near 27th mile (near Tapah) toward Serian since haven't been there like for 2 year. Meeting up with Cindy at 3rd Mile McD at 3.30pm then off we go in my car. The skies doen't look promising.  Question arise while on the way, Will there be any paddy planted at this time?

Definitely yes!!!! Greenery all the all after turning out from the last house at the village. Parked the car at the designated parking area and walk on foot we go. Weather were great but soon (like after an hour or so) the skies just turn dark and its rain. Time to go I guess...Will be back again!

Here I share some images I snap while at the paddy field.
Sunlight shine on that mountain.
Trying to get some flare
Water of life. Water from the mountain. pretty coozy.
Lot 49! Not really, that is an electricity poll.
Saw this spectacular frame without glass. This place just look like an offering platform for something.
Two bird eggs, One broken.
Breezy Day! Trying to get the paddy blur effect from the wind. Wish can go lower than 1/5 shutter.
Into the Paddy Field to the Hut.
Sit and chill.
Master Crafter at Paddy Field.
Paddy. Bowl rice! a few month to go to Harvest day.
Loading the film! Making me wanna shoot film too. My film camera been sitting too long.
Art of loading the film.
Lighting were just as awesomely soft.
Ops! Its my fault! I try to safe Cindy camera from dropping. Neither saved at the end :(
Shot film! Wonder what her compo..
The moody clouds moving in.
Been snapped.
Off we go to....
Fish... small one

What a day..
Photo with an old barrage which is still working.
Rains coming..
Off to the car we go..
Small Hut! Should be nice to just stay there for bird watching.
Little Road to more paddy field.
Two Egret. Not sure Great/Chinese Egret. Pretty scattered at the paddy field.
Passion fruits! Back at home.