2013 Live Active Run at The Spring

10km Run flagged off.
The Spring Live Active Run 2013 were held on 16th June 2013, the venue for the start/finish point is at The Spring Mall's Premier Carpark. What's this event about? Its about bringing the community together and involves helping charitable organizations which meant that parts of the proceeds when you registered to participate will be donated to Charity Organization based in Kuching & Sarawak.

This year, with categories of a half marathon run, 10km run, 5km run and 1km kids run has attracted more than three thousand participants from both international as well as local runners. For more information about this healthy run event, do visit LIVE ACTIVE RUN website. MC's the event was Ira from Era fm & Kiyoshi from Hitz fm Kuching.

To shoots this event for 100PLUS, the official ISOTONIC drink was really an honored. Its worth getting up early and getting sore running up the down the car park and the road as well. Reaching The Spring Mall at 4.30am, some participant were already there. The 21km run flagged off at 5.30am, the 10km run at 6.30am and then the 5km run at 7.00am and immediately followed by 1km kids dash.

I drove myself to the nearest water station right after the 5km run flagged off and bought myself a bottle of 100Plus isotonic drink which I get to use in one of my shots at the water station. Then after, I drove to waterfront (21km runners's route) area as I knew the group of pigeon will be there and I was right. So, i got out of the car and get a passer by to help me chase the pigeon so they fly off when the runners pass by. But I didn't expect 1 of the runner would come over and chase them away instead.. will you will below the only 1 photo I snapped. Waitd for a while but the pigeon never some down after 10 minutes.. I left to get back to Spring Mall so I don't miss out prize presentation...

I left the ground around 9.35pm tired but happy I agree to come and shoot. I see and meet familiar face and making new friends. Photographing the moments and i think every runners has put so much effort and time to make this run possible.. Kudos to all of you and all those involved...

Lastly, please don't copy the photo I posted here as I shots for "100PLUS", still copyright will be mine. If you wish to have the photo, do write to me. Thanks... Hope you enjoy the images I posted here...

Dawn over at Spring Mall right after the 10km runners left the starting line.

At 4.45am, Runners seen arriving.

100 Plus, the official ISOTONIC sponsor billboard right at the starting point.

Winner Stage.

100PLUS Station.

100PLUS Station

The Start/Finish Line.

Warm up exercise by Phoenix Gym.

Few Mnutes before the flag off for 21km run.

Few Mnutes before the flag off for 21km run

The organizer looking on before the flag off...

Few Mnutes before the flag off for 21km run

21km run flagged off...
21km run flagged off

A family help each other putting on they runner number.

10km run participant seen warming up before the run

A family purchasing official drink at the station.

100PLUS billboard illuminate by street lights.

Kiyoshi pose for photo..

An elder runner seen praying before the 10km flagged off.

Few minutes before the 10km run flag off.

Dawn over at Spring Mall. Few minutes before the 10km run flag off.

Kiyoshi interviewing few of the runners at the front line.

10km run flagged off...

10km run flagged off...

5km run participant seen attaching runner number at 100PLUS station.

A runner claim free 100Plus after completing the run

Kiyoshi & Ira walks around and interviewing runners.

Group photo..

Catching up before the run...

21km runners potential winner.

Top 3 finisher for 21km run.

Just before 5km run flagged off..

Just before 5km run flagged off..

Just before 5km run flagged off. Thanks for co-operations at putting up your hand.. hand up & bow to all of you...

a familiar face in the group of 5km run..

Just before 5km run flagged off..

10km runner approaching finish line.

5km runners look on and pump up...

Potential winner for 10km run. Turn out he's the winner.

Runner from West Malaysia.

100PLUS drink to rehydrate...

5km run just being flagged off..

5km run flagged off..

5km run just being flagged off.. Slow shutter speed to show motions.

Participant of 5km run

Running shoes of all kind

100PLUS! Slow shutter just to show motion.

Kids participating in 5km run

5km run  flagged off..

Runners seem passing by at Chong Lin Park.

Marshals on bicycle ensuring the well being of runners.

Runners approaching 100Plus water station.

Warm morning light! Runners passing by Chong Lin Park.

Runners passing by Chong Lin Park.

Water Station at Chong Lin Park.

Water Station at Chong Lin Park.

Water Station at Chong Lin Park.

Water Station at Chong Lin Park.

I use the 100 plus bottle I bought here...

Resting in front of St. Thomas.

At Gambier Street, an UN-expected runners seen chaing away all the pigeons before the group of runners passing by.

Runners run toward the finish line.

Runners claiming 100plus to rehydrate.

Desmond, a runner in track suite and his drink.

Runners claiming 100plus to rehydrate.

Enjoying 100Plus.

I finished the run and got my drink...

Runners claiming 100plus to rehydrate.

Runners claiming 100plus to rehydrate.

Though late but still complete the run.. bravo..

Donation to charitable society.

Runner seen taking turn to snap a pic from memory.

I walk over and help them snap a pic with their phone and snap a pic of them with my camera.

Proud 10km run finisher.

A kid rotating the whistle.

Prize presentation for top 10 runners for 5km run

She proud to take 2nd place in 5km run

Snap a pic of her friend on stage.

group photo for top 10 finisher.

Buddy seen taking group photo.

Kiyoshi interviewing top 10 runner for 10km run.

Finisher meddle...

Bravo to this young girl. Top 10 female runners for 21km run.

Bravo....I has anticipated this.

Top 10 runners for 21km run

Top 3 for 10km run

Top 3 for 10kn run

Male Top 3 for 21 km run

Male Top 3 for 21 km run

Female Top 3 for 21 km run

Female Top 3 for 21 km run

Last photo I snap before I went home. Karen the Marshall. Thanks for all the marshals involved for ensuring the well being of the runners.


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