Overnight Camping Trip at Kem Alapong's Beach, Lundu.

Camping!!!! This camping trip to Kem Alapong's beach at Lundu has been planned for sometime weeks before we actually camp at Kem Alapong's beach on 27th April. We meet up with Melissa & Dennis at Sematan Town for seafood lunch at Ah Nien's seafood then after that we heading to Lundu.

Setting up the camp we bought at Pro Outdoor Gear were very easy and awesome quality too.The green color camp is Hui Hui & my camp. We did some cleaning of the surrounding and find woods for camp fire for the night.

The sea were really calm and the breeze just nice! The golden hour just before sunset really awesome. Glad Dennis & I decided to head back to camp area in time to snap few pictures.

By night fall, we set up for BBQ dinner which consists of chicken wing, sausages, sweet potatoes, sweet corn & fish we bought at Sematan Town. Yummy... hm... come to think of it, why didn't I take a pictures of the bbq food. Dirty hand maybe or just hungry...

We head into the camp around 1 am, the calm sound of the waves pounding on the beach still remains in my head. After breakfast the next morning, we packed and head home.


Lily Charlie said...

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