He and His Ride, a Ducati Diavel.

Back in February 2013, Alex and I had a short conversation and I said I wanted to photograph him with his sports bike which is the Kawasaki ZX-10R (now sold to someone else) which a simple theme "He & his ride" in casual (as full gear will be really hot in stand still).

After a few days, Alex buzz me and said will be riding a Ducati Diavel which I don't even know how the bike look like till I google for the image. Superb....

Location of shoot was at the stretch of road (new section) leading to Santubong/Damai Beach. Clothing by Alex himself and the Diavel belong to Alvin. Here are few images captured and would like to share here with all of you. Hope you like them...  

Oh ya..If you haven't heard/read of Alex's motorbike adventures for check it out "Till The Road Ends".


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