Marcia & Jay Wedding Day at Riverside Majestic Hotel

29th December 2012. Marcia & Jay's wedding day ceremony were held at Riverside Majestic Hotel on the 18th floor. As both Marcia & Jay were in the State, Rachael (Marcia's sister) has been busy planning for her wedding day including engaging me photographer for the wedding day. I only get to meet Marcia few weeks before their wedding day then she fly off to KL.

Morning preps were done at Riverside Majestic Hotel's room which is spacious to house friends and families members who come over while Marcia getting ready for the ceremony. Its was an honor to photograph Marcia & Jay's wedding day that fills with emotions and also to photograph their friends, families and colleagues who come from all over to attend the wedding ceremony.

Here I share few of my favorite images from Marcia & Jay's Wedding Day.