Aileen & Leron E-Session at Borneo Highland Resort.

My first impression after meeting Leron & Aileen is that I know we will be having an awesome & fun photo session. Casper asked me to tag along for Aileen & Leron Pre wedding shoot which will be at Borneo Highland Resort, how can I pass on this opportunity right?

To be frank, I never went up to Borneo Highland and can't imagine how the scenery gonna look like. Can only imagine from the images I found on the net of the place. Do check out the place but for now let get back to Aileen & Leron photo shoot. We had so much fun
during the session, Aileen & Leron and deeply in love, their spontaneous reactions really just giving you clues of they love stories. Really honored to captured that while we were touring the resort. Once again, Congrats to both Aileen & Leron! Below I share few images from their Session at Borneo Highland Resort.