Rafflesia Hunt to Gunung Gading & Sematan Beach.

Called the Park Center (Gunung Gading National Park at 082-735144) to check if the Rafflesia is blooming. "Yes" is the answer I get at the end of the line. Then around 1.10pm, got a call from Sandeep (whom I met at Funky Gibbon together with his wife Khesna, they both from KL) saying that the Rafflesia is blooming.

Off we go heading to Gunung Gading Nat. Park at Lundu after picking them up (Totally not a fan of bringing more than 2 person at the back of my car). Searching for the Rafflesia flower was easy as its not the first time I went there and lots of other group of tourist looking for the same flower as well.. For the first timer, maybe you needs guide from the park's ranger.

A group of tourist from Spain (I presume as they speak spanish), Ttook of them snapping and looking at the Rafflesia. Just priceless.

Sandeep ask Khesna to try smell the Flower. She said not smell at all, told her maybe only got smell when its go roten or just because we get use to the smell. lol...

Rafflesia Flower in it Nature Environment.

This 1 at its 5th month, still few month to go before its blooming.

No idea what this is. just look cool.

Off we go after seeing the Rafflesia.

Dragonfly, the backlights just beautiful. Shot this using 24mm f2.8

Decided to head to Sematan half way to Pandan Beach to fill up our stomach as everyone was hungry. As usual, my first choice is Ah Nien place. That is him cooking at the back while his helper cleaning up the crabs.

Stir fried Durian Flower. yummy....

Durian Flower with sea clamp.

Just love this old shop houses. Just have Hui Hui stand there for me :)

Now 3 of the girls together.

At Palm Beach Resort.

I just felt like wanna go kayaking. Just too long didn't do any kayaking.

Weather were good. Skies are clear.

Steps to the beach...

Good & clean Mirror :)

After that, we rush back to Kuching as still need to open Funky Gibbon.