Sharon & Willie tied their node on 31st May 2011 at Kuching. Well, you can see that this blog post has been delayed for awhile and I'm really sorry for that. Main reason for been delayed is that June has been a busy month with Wedding Day shot. Will post up pictures from June wedding day shot here later on.

How I get to know Sharon & Willie? Let make a long story short, Sunny Tan message me in Facebook if I'm available to second shoot for him on 31st May. You got the answer right, else I wouldn't have this blog posting. Its great to be able to work together with Sunny on Sharon & Willie big day as the day unfold fills with moments & memories, cheers & laughter. Thanks, for the opportunity to work with you, Sunny!

And!!! Congrats to Sharon & Willie!

Below are some of my favorite photo from Sharon & Willie Wedding Day which I like to share with you.


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