Retreat Resort at Lundu : My Bro family Portrait

Around 4.05pm, Hui Hui & Me departed from Sematan after did some birding (Will put up Pic of that soon) near the waterfall to Retreat Resort at Lundu to meet up with my brother as He & Family were there with friend.

Take about 20 minutes to get to Retreat Resort from Kpg. Pueh. Arriving there, directly We went to Chalet 573 where My bro checked in. Pretty nicely furnished room (didn't take pic of the room) and lots of Chalet been build as well. The last time I were there, still don't have any chalet yet.

My purpose to meet up my brother at Retreat Resort is because I wanna take his family portrait photo. Its a no planning shot and everything goes just as....Kelvin really shy.. maybe rarely see me...

Below are some pictures... More picture will be put up in my Facebook.

Pretty Nice Garden.

Just outside of the Chalet.

Japanese Koi Pond.

To the Beach

Sea Shell

Fisherman on the way back home.

Amazing Color Cast.

The only photo that Kelvin look at me.