Decided to visit Bako National Park on a day trip the day before. Click here "For more information about Bako National Park"

Hoping that the weather will be fine for the visit. I woke up to find out the skies was covered by grey thick clouds early in 6.30am. So, i continue to sleep till 8.00am and wake up to see a clear blue skies. Amazing how the weather change so fast!

So quickly get prepared and out for breakfast and get sea sickness pill for Hui Hui then we heading to Kpg Bako (Bako National Park Entrance) to take a boat ride to Bako National Park.

Get to Kpg Bako Jetty around 9.30am, we registered ourself and paid RM10.00 each for the Park entrance.Then, hop on to the boat to get to Bako National Park which is just about 10-15 minutes ride on a 40 horse power fiber glass boat chasis. The boat ride 1 way is RM47. price may change from time to time... always keep on increasing though...

We have to get off at the beach due to low tide, was happy that the weather play the part for us that day. But we kinda bit late as we planned to get there before 8.00am. On bare foot, we walks to the Park's canteen to wash the foot and put our shoes on then headed to Park Center to hand over the form we fill in to the Park Ranger on duty.

Due to limited time, we proceed to the mangrove area hoping that the proboscis monkey still hanging around. hearing lots of birds call along the plank walks especially Iora, Robin and Kingfisher... Noticed that the proboscis monkey already moving up on the tree top, we just get shelter from the hot sun under the hut along the plank walk. Meeting a Birder from United State there. She have in her hand the book on "Birds of Borneo" by Susan Myers and a binocular. Bad memory of me, I couldn't remember her name. She been birding and making a living from it back in the state and Mexico. She said that birds here totally different from back home... Identifying them is a challenge.... saw that she was trying to identify a bird, ask her which and she point it out. Told her that is "Common Iora" and she flip through the book and said "It is" Told her I'm new in birding, I don't know much about them... soon.. we departed as we are moving to the trail..

Since time is limited, we decided to take short trail rather then long trail.. So, we chosen "Teluk Paku" as we never take this trail before... its only 0.8km. View as always breath taking along the way... if you paid more attention to bits of the details along the way, its take much more time to get to the destination.. We saw few proboscis monkey along the way and also 1 Alfa Male Proboscis monkey on the tree top. Meets up fellow visitors along the trails, together we head to Teluk Paku. Getting there right at noon time, we chilled and relax under the hut and had our lunch there... As always, I moved out and take some pictures.... saw a snake there on the tree near the hut. Not long after that, we proceed back to the trail head. And decided to head to the Mangrove Area and hiking to Pantai Kecil not as option as its already almost 2.00pm.

Bought few can drinks then we proceed to Lintang Trail. On the way, we meet with a group of Macaque moving toward US. With respect, we move back and keep distance and let them go pass us. Its lovely to see new born cling on their mom. Be advice that Macaque at Bako NP are known to be aggressive and never ever leave your belonging unattended. Moving along the plank walks on Lintang Trail, saw that they are tree that look like Durian Tree. Well! its really are! Lots that drop to the ground turned black. Almost till the end of the plank walks, there are movement on the tree. Its a Silver Leaf Monkey! hard to take pictures... lighting really bad under the thick canopy. Birds called everywhere.... I can surely identify one call which is Greater Racket tailed Drongo.

After that, we just walks toward the jetty and just before that, saw a few birds making so much noice beside that pathway... Its a Bulbul.... then fly in and stand on a branch just in front of me and beautiful Babbler... quickly change shutter speed and take a snap then its fly away.

Arrived at the Jetty at 3.30pm, the boatman already there waiting for us. we hob on boat and back to Kpg Bako. We will sure be back again... An overnight trip will be much better.

1. Panoramic of Mt. Santubong from Sg. Bako on a moving Boat going to Bako NP. Taken 9 continues shoot then stitch up.

2. Mt. Santubong.

3. Fisherman on the sand bank. really far away...

4. Visitors back from Bako NP. Happy smiles on her face. the boatman waving at me.

5. Wild Boar... found this fella right under the house where the worker stay.

6. Took this from Bako NP jetty. ign of hot day ahead.

7. Common Iora. Fixing the wing.

8. Asian Fairy Bluebird. The second time I saw this bird.

9. Squirrel! Saw this on the trail to Teluk Paku.

10. Male Proboscis Monkey. On the trail to Teluk Paku.

11. Ants hard at works.

12. Lovely lights.... on the way to Teluk Paku.

13. Skink

14. View at Teluk Paku... Hot at Noon Time. Took few shoot using 400D + Tokina 12-24mm then head under the shade.

15. Another taken using 400D.

16. Mt. Santubong.... View from the Hut.

17. Found this snake on the tree... The tour guide scared to catch it cause of its mouth.

18. Another picture of the same snake.

19. Hermit Crab. Spotted by Hui Hui. Picked up by the tour guide and he show to others and we move ahead.

20. Proboscis Monkey at the Mangrove area. Weird to see them there at this hour at 2.00pm.

21. Visitors heading back to Park's HQ

22. Pretty Ruby Cheeked Sunbird.

23. Cute Little Girl! Her Family and her come from Guangzhau, China. Amazing that she speaks well mandarin at the age of 2 and half years. Got her mum email and will email her this picture.

24. Family....

25. Found it!

26. Adorable! The eyes that show emotion that words can't describe.

27. Mum and Baby! Baby Milking away...

28. That a sharp thorn

29. Silver Leaf Monkey, saw them at the end of Lintang Trail

30. Macaque! watch out of this fella near the Canteen!

31. First time photographed this Striped Tit Wabbler. Weird name... Can understand the Striped, but Tit.. Striped Breasted give more commonsense. Beautiful bird and amazing calls...

32. Corrosion... resemble head of Alien.

I felt weird! while at Bako NP, Hui Hui and Me was asked many times "Are you from Singapore?" We said we are local. It come to my mind that maybe not many local visiting Bako NP.