Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hitz fm Birthday Invasion!

Hitz fm Birthday Invasion!!!! Hui Hui been telling me of this party few days earlier and one day she wake up so early and checking into facebook and twitter and found out about "Free Entrance Ticket" to the party! She send it of cause and get the reply from Jakeman "You and your boyfriend got the free entrance ticket!" She check it and found that the one she submitted to was for the party at Velvet Underground, KL. lol... She resubmit again for the party at BCCK and.... you know she got it and big hugzzzz her for that! Else wouldn't be posting any pictures here. Sorry to tell you this, this posting will be a very very long one as lots of pictures!!!!

We got there early, like 15 minutes pass 6 and crowd already started gathering at BCCK hall way. Natural sense, I walks around and snap some photo of this "1 of a Kind Party". By about 7pm, we meet up with Melissa & Dennis as they just arrived. By then, place were really crowded and people start lining up to get into "Great Hall" where the party is.

As the party roll on, JJ & Ean arrived in the Official Ride none other than the "Volkswagen". They just run toward the stage really. Everybody where on their toe! Including me as I where trying to get that bit of angle to snap a picture.

Party goes on with the AWESOME performance from Mizz Nina, Pop Shuvit, Nadhira, Liang, Polar & Evenstarr, Jakeman & Skeletor and dancer form Soul Dance(Sorry If I left out any group here). And of cause Hosted by JJ, Ean, Meng & Natasha!!

Awesome Party! and not to forget the sponsor are Volkswagen, Borneo Convention Centre Kuching, Pullman Hotel, Lee Ming Press Sdn Bhd & Alvin Leong Photography.

Lastly, I hope you like the pictures posted here. Will be a long one!

Weather outside, Gloomy!
Official Ride
Shinny Wall tile
Shinny Window
Interesting lighting
Hitz fm Kuching ride
Entrance to the GREAT HALL
Among the crowd!
Meng's were saying she's the greatest mum in kuching.
Self Portrait together with Melissa & Dennis and Hui Hui.
Meng & Natasha
Dancer! They put up a great dance! Street Shock Dance Studio.
Interesting! They pull their cloth off.
Popping & Locking, reminding of the great show put up by a trio in So you think you can dance show.
The Crowd.
Quiz & Prize.
Ean & JJ Running toward the stage.
Let throw it.
Kind of caught un-prepared with his expression.
Stage lighting
Boom! that send a huge shocked wave.
Under the spotlight. like it in B&W
Pose for photo.
Recording a video of the crowd.
Sexy Bath Dance
The Winner
She performing the dance to her BF.
Just in time for 1 shot before the light is turn on.
Pop Shuvit
She been hand picked and hugged over the fence!
He is totally into it.
The girls with their dance.
Mizz Nina!
Muakz! good that I didn't put down the camera.

Mizz Nina and Dancer.
This is totally cool!
JJ rap on!
Jakeman! totally cool club mixes!
Loving this, saw the light spinning so I waited for the right timing.
Hand up for Jakeman!
Jakeman & Skeletor
Just saw this spotlight shine toward the crow and me too. Its look constant in 1 color but actually not.
Self group portrait.
Totally Stranger shot.
Half the crowd have gone home as we are also leaving.