Friday, December 31, 2010

Racheal's Portrait

After heaps of shooting date reschedule since few month back, finally! 30th Dec 2010 set for Racheal Portrait Session which to meet at Funky Gibbon at 4pm.

Location of shot just at Funky Gibbon bar and around the building. Lights were just as awesome, at some point Hui Hui help me with the reflector. Mostly shoot without that and just under available lights. I have fun and I'm sure everyone as well.

Hope you like the photo posted below. Some taken using 400D + 50mm f1.8 and some taken using 50D + 70-200mm f2.8. This should be my last blog post for 2010, Happy New Year everyone!

Taken using 50D+70-200mm. Due to tight space, I went outside and shot through the glass.

Love the lights as just provide highlight & fill.

Simple flower as backdrop.

She turn funky! Well, at Funky Gibbon Bar, have to be Funky. hahahah..

I think this was her response after seeing Hui Hui doing a weird face display. Still like this compare to the 1 focus on the face.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Calvin & Alice Wedding Dinner Reception.

Calvin & Alice Wedding Dinner Reception were held at Merdeka Palace Hotel in the "Balai Merdeka" Hall. Stage was nicely decorated and Art direction was done by Alice's brother James Vun.

I get there early to test out the DVD slide show from the morning session. Its run & display nicely.. Just the color from the projection is off... Can't do a thing about that since the yellow sports light pointing toward the projection screen.

Soon, Bride & Groom walks into the Hall accompany by lovely music and of cause I was at the back snapping some photo. :)

Below are few pictures from Calvin & Alice Wedding Dinner Reception at Merdeka Palace.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Calvin + Alice Wedding Day

The day has finally come for Calvin + Alice Wedding day on 13th Nov 2010. Felt like its just yesterday that I meet both Calvin + Alice at Junction Cafe together with Hui Hui on the 8th of Sept 2010.

The day fill with emotions & laughter from both Calvin & Alice, their family members and friends. Honored to be there and to have them photographed. Thanks to Ming Wei for helping out on the day.
Feeling exhausted but really enjoying every bit of it to photograph the moment.

Below are few favorite pictures from the day. Do proceed down below for the slide show.
Do stay tune for "Dinner Reception" posting which I will post up another day or so.

Just before depart to Chin Daw Church, spend few second to have this shot taken.

Alice's Wedding Gown.

Alice's friends.

Calvin arrived to claim his bride.

Slide show from the Wedding Day.